80mm outdoor inline skate wheel rollerblade roller hockey fitness ripstik 92a hard asphalt

8x 80mm (92a) OUTDOOR Inline Skate Wheels, rollerblade roller hockey fitness full size ripstiks - FREE US SHIPPING

  • $69.99

8x 80mm (92a) OUTDOOR Inline Skate Wheels - FREE US SHIPPING
This listing contains 92a Durometer/Hardness Inline Wheels. These wheels are perfect for outdoor skating, and utilize the standard size 608 bearing hub. The 92a Durometer rating provides a long lasting, rock hard feel. For that reason, 92a is one of the most popular outdoor durometer ratings. The added longevity of a harder wheel gives you more bang for your buck. If you are looking for a wheel that rides a little smoother, check out wheels with a durometer rating of 86a or lower. Wheels with a harder durometer rating will feel less smooth but last longer. Listing Includes: Qty x8 Wheels, Measuring 80mm in Diameter, and 92A in Hardness.
Do you need bearings, spacers, oil, or a hop up kit? Make sure to check out our store for accessories you may need!

BRAND Sovererign Speed
SIZE 80mm
BEARING SIZE 608 (regular)



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