80mm 88A OUTDOOR Inline Skate Wheels, rollerblade/hockey/aggressive 78mm-80mm replacement

80mm OUTDOOR Inline Skate Wheels, /Rollerblade/Hockey/Aggressive 78mm-80mm (88a) hardness PICK Your quantity 1, 2, 4, 8 packs

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80mm Outdoor Inline Skate Wheels (hockey/aggressive/rollerblade) - FREE 1-3 Day US Shipping


80mm Outdoor inline skate wheels are great replacement size wheels for 78mm-80mm applications, unless your skate says 78mm maximum size only. . These are some strong outdoor wheels. They are made of high quality,  high rebound , 88a hardness polyurethane and have heavy duty standard size 608 hubs. Made in the USA. Great for outdoor wheels for inline skates , rollerblades, aggressive or powerblading , outdoor street roller hockey, full size 34 inch long casterboards/razor ripstiks and much more. 

NOTE- These 80mm wheels will work for 78mm or 80mm replacement, unless your skate says max size 78mm. Good in between size. These wheels have a round profile for turning on a dime. These wheels will allow you to twist back and forth for hockey and aggressive rollerbladers who want to cruise or turn.  

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