2-Pack 80mm OUTDOOR Replacement Wheels for inline Skates, Razor RipStiks, Rollerblades, Hockey, Casterboard and more 2-PACK

  • $24.99

2-Pack 80mm Outdoor Replacement Inline Skate Wheels / Free US shipping

Great 80mm replacement LED outdoor wheels for inline skates, full size Razor RipStiks, rollerblades , fitness skates, caster and much more. "90a heavy duty hardness, high rebound polyurethane" These wheels are designed and shipped from Tampa Bay, Florida. The 90A hardness is much better for longevity than other soft 82a wheels that are gonna wear quickly. 

NOTE= LED light up colors may vary from what we have in stock

This listing is for 2x 80mm 90A replacement LED wheels

Shipping - Most orders ship same or next day from Tampa Bay Florida !