4x 80mm OUTDOOR Inline Skate Wheels Rollerblade, Hockey, Speed, Fitness 85a - FREE 1-3 Day US Shipping

  • $24.99

4-Pack of 80mm Outdoor Inline Skate Wheels - Free Shipping

This listing contains 85a Durometer Inline Wheels. These wheels are perfect for outdoor inline skating, rollerblades, roller hockey skates and utilize the standard size 608 bearing hub. The 85a Durometer rating provides a long lasting, rock hard feel. For that reason, 85a is one of the most popular outdoor durometer rating. The added longevity of a harder wheel gives you more bang for your buck. If you are looking for a wheel that rides a little smoother, check out wheels with a durometer rating of 84a or lower. Wheels with a harder durometer rating will feel less smooth but last longer. Listing Includes: Qty x8 Wheels, Measuring 80mm in Diameter, and 85A in Hardness. These Sovereign Speed Wheels are designed and shipped from Tampa Bay, Florida. 

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