Outdoor Ripstik-Rollerblade Inline Skate Wheels 76mm 77mm 78mm 80mm 96A hardness

2x Razor RipStik Replacement Inline Skate Wheels - casterboard ripstick 76mm 96A - FREE 1-3 Day US Shipping

  • $24.99

2x) 77mm 96A RipStik Replacement Wheels for full size RipStiks, Inline, Hockey, Aggressive Skate - FREE US Shipping

Shift into overdrive with these cool, smooth-riding RipStik Replacement Wheels. They allow you to speed uphill with less effort and fly like the wind over harsh road surfaces. These caster board wheels are available in my store in other colors and sizes for your casterboard. This set of replacement wheels features high-performance ABEC-9 bearings that make RipStik riding faster and more fun. Their rounded profile and extra strong urethane formula creates less friction, allowing for faster speeds and better control on rough or rugged surfaces. Replace your worn-out RipStik wheels with these 77mm wheels for a quick, responsive ride every time. You can install them in just minutes, and your RipStik will ride like it's brand new. These wheels will help you make the most of the RipStik's innovative design and allow you to perform tricks and get from A to B like a pro.


The Cobra wheels are desgined and made in the USA,  with 96a (HARD) super high rebound polyurethane. Great for full size ripstiks , waveboards , caster boards , outdoor inline skating, rollerblades, aggressive skating and much more.
NOTE- These 77mm wheels will work as replacement wheels for 76mm-80mm applications. If you wear out wheels quickly and need some wheels that are hard, strong and won't fall apart these are your wheels. You get what you pay for. 
NOTE- These wheels come with standard size 8mm spacers that fit most applications, but if you need a special 8mm-6mm spacer for 6mm axle set please send me a message before or with your order that you need special 6mm spacers. If no note you will receive wheels with standard 8mm spacers. 

Shipping - Ships same or next business day . FREE 1-3 Day US Shipping