76mm replacement razor ripstik, skate, rollerblade outdoor wheels with bearings

2x 76mm Replacement Inline Wheels for Razor RipSurf, RipStik, Rear Crazy Cart, Crazy Cart XL, Caster Board

  • $24.99

2x 76mm Heavy Duty Cobra Inline/RipStik/RipSurf/Crazy Cart Wheels - Free Shipping

                      " THE STRONGEST 76mm INLINE WHEEL "

The 76mm Cobra outdoor wheel is a great upgrade for full size razor ripstik, razor ripsurf, rear caster wheels for crazy cart & crazy cart xl, outdoor inline skates and much more. This listing comes with 608zz abec-7 outdoor bearings and standard 8mm spacers already assembled in the wheels. 

The Cobra has the strongest abrasion resistant 92a Super High Rebound polyurethane made. It also has super heavy duty hubs. If you want the best outdoor wheels look no further.

NOTE : All wheels come with standard 8mm spacers in them. If you need a special stepped 8mm-6mm for 6mm axles, usually in some hilo hockey skates please send us a message with your order that you need a special smaller 6mm spacer instead. 

Shipping - Same or next business day from Florida !