68mm Razor Mini Ripstik RipSter KIDS short 27 inch long casterboards 2-pack (85a) hardness

2x 68mm Razor Mini RipStik RipSter Outdoor Replacement Inline Wheels / Free 1-3 Day US Shipping from Florida

  • $19.99

2x 68mm White-Black Inline Skate or Ripster Wheels with Bearings - Free Shipping

The 68mm (85a hardness) youth outdoor wheel is a great little kids wheel for mini razor ripstik ripster about 27 inches long casterboards, mini/small dlx ripstik , outdoor inline skates and much more. 

NOTE : All wheels come with standard 8mm spacers in them that work in razor ripstik products and most inline skates. If you need a special 8mm-6mm spacer for inline skates or other products that use a smaller 6mm axles, please send us a message with your order. 

Shipping - Same or next business day from Florida !