16 Pack Abec-7 Skate Bearings , rollerblade roller skate inline hockey 608zz SG7  also skateboard longboard pro scooters ripstik 608 pro series

16 Pack Abec-7 Skate Bearings , rollerblade roller skate inline hockey 608zz SG7 - FREE 1-3 Day US Shipping

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16-Pack Rollerblade SG7 Wheel Bearings (608zz/8mm)  /    FREE 1-3 Day US Shipping


NOTE- These are standard size 8mm / 608 size skate bearings that will work in most skate wheels from rollerblades to skateboards , longboards, roller skates, ripstiks , pro scooters and more. 

The Rollerblade SG7 skate wheel bearings are an optimal choice for recreational skaters who are looking for some more glide from their kick. Over time, the wheel bearings amass dirt and other foreign substances. This slows down the ride resulting in less fun with more work. Nobody likes the direction that is going in, so you'd better have some nice and fresh wheel bearings on deck for when the inevitable happens. Turns out, Rollerblade has got you covered with the SG7 wheel bearings. They come in a pack of 16, so you are sure to get a bunch more roll out of your skates. This will be the fastest you've gone since day one on the skates, and you'll instantly realize that you've been slowing down all this time but haven't realized it. When you put the new bearings on your wheels, it's almost like you just got brand new skates. The wheel bearings truly are the life blood of the skate, and just by changing them out, you're giving a whole new life to the sport. You'll be able to glide further and faster than before, and you'll expend a lot less energy when you do so. Going down hills will be a lot more fun-you'll have a more predictable roll that you can use to increase your speed. Uphill, the skates will make it to the top a lot easier thanks to the decreased rolling resistance. The Rollerblade premium SG7 wheel bearings are a must have for any inline skating enthusiast.


  • 7-Ball Bearing Design
  • Silicone/Grease Lubricant Mixture
  • Metal Protective Shield
  • 16 Bearings Included
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