Best Outdoor Inline Skate Wheels For Skating On Cement Asphalt Roads

Posted by Michael Sovereign on

The Right Outdoor Inline Skate Wheels

Although any skate wheel works on the road, soft wheels wear quickly and really hard wheels are sometimes bumpy. Find the best durometer (measure of hardness) to fit your skating style. Aggressive skaters usually prefer firmer wheels, perhaps 85a-95a durometers. For more speed outdoors, try an 78a-82a durometer, which is a bit softer. The size matters as well -- wheels that are too large can affect your turning ability, and those that are too small won't let you gain enough speed to keep up with the flow of traffic. The best size varies, depending on your personal preference and the skate style you like. Wheels for aggressive skates tend to be smaller, while speed skates need larger wheels. However, both work with a range of sizes. Skate wheels use the metric system, so start with a mid-range size for either style, such as 90mm to 100mm for speed skates and 55mm to 68mm for aggressive skates and 68mm-84mm for regular inline skating.

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